ANZA Fabrics for your Home.
———  Made small. Made slow. Made in LA.

About  ———

ANZA is a home brand of curated soft goods founded by Anton Nazarko. 

Values  ———

We value small and slow manufacturing, and are guided by our need for quality over quantity. Rather than take part in fashions’ excessive demands, we choose to promote patience and sustainable growth, and prioritize quality of life for ourselves, vendors, and you (our customers).

Most items are made to order. Our lead time is 4-6 weeks from the date of purchase to shipment. We are a small atelier and our output is limited. This leadtime helps us ensure that your item comes out perfect and will be something you’ll cherish and love for years to come.

Inspiration  ———

We believe in the restorative power of deep sleep, and that comfort, on the body and in the home, is the foundation of a relaxed state of being. We are guided by these principles when choosing our fabrics and designs. We aspire for tactile beauty, softness, and aim to create items of timeless luxury. Above all, we hope to encourage a disconnect from the day, and an embrace of moments of personal enjoyment.

Founder  ———

Trained as a Graphic Designer and Textile Artist, Anton Nazarko spent 14 years in the fashion industry working on special projects with Raquel Allegra, Rachel Comey, The Elder Statesman, and District Vision. In 2022, he started ANZA, a self guided design practice that seeks to elevate the home to a place of personal sanctuary - one that inspires through beauty, and restores with comfort.

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