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Anton Nazarko

Collected Fictions I & II  ———

A set of textural poems.

Pressed flowers taken from pages of a book are assembled on satin chiffon and draped together — each work representing a crystalized memory . These silk screened fiber works bring forth an ephemeral physicality - gestures to our memory’s unreliable and ambiguous truth.

The titles for these pieces are taken from Collected Fictions by Jorges Luis Borges. Since buying a copy 12 years ago, its pages have been filled with flowers, letters, and old photos - a library of small keepsakes from a chapter of my life. While the double function (capsule and novel) is coincidental, the mementos mirror Borges’s own fascination with memory.

Throughout “In Praise of Darkness”, Borges fears his oncoming blindness as the physical world slowly disappears, only to find solace and clarity in the imperfect memories within.

He writes: 

“Those odds and ends of memory are the only wealth that the rush of time leaves to us.
We are our memory,
we are this chimerical museum of shifting forms,
this heap of broken mirrors”


Screen print on silk satin chiffon

39” x 41”



Framed orders ship in a 3/8“ matte black frame and without glass.

We offer worldwide shipping with professional packaging or crating.

Unframed orders ship free. Framed shipping costs are not included and will be calculated upon purchase.  

Please Allow 4-6 weeks for order to ship.

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