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Anton Nazarko

Delia I  ———

An enlarged photograph printed on satin organza is purposely diffused with a veil of silk. The subject, a desert ocotillo, sprawls beyond the edge of the frame. Its bare, leafless branches and exposed roots leave the viewer to ask questions of whether it’s alive or in a state of decay.

This work is inspired by and named after “Delia Elena San Marco” by Jorge Luis Borges. A poem I often revisit. His words, like sleight of hand magic, are subtle and precise. And by the end, your held beliefs are in disarray. Answers to the questions he raised are not given. Instead, he keeps himself and the reader in the grayness of truth and in perpetual questioning - a place I think he enjoyed.

At the age of 86, Borges was asked what he’s looking forward to. He replied, “What else is left for me? Friendship remains. Somehow, love remains - and the most precious gift, doubt.”

Screen printed Organza SIlk and Silk Gauze 

41” x 59”



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